Data insights tailored to improve & accelerate your decision making

Achieve new levels of business productivity


Through the combination ground-breaking technology and 21 years of industry expertise, we’ve unlocked the secrets to this complex world of innovative and passionate companies, key opinion leaders, practitioners, and organizations.


24×7™ Insights, powered by the MEDQOR™ Platform, accesses thousands of data sources – metadata, software platforms, public data repositories, blogs, social media, conversations, advertising, emails, articles, even print and television ads.


The comprehensive nature of our core data set gives our clients a leg up with insight across their entire bio-medical ecosystem – not just a portion of it.  We collect, analyze, and interpret market changes in real time. That’s what makes our insights invaluable and unparalleled.

Bring on the insights

MEDQOR™ provides a topographical map to help businesses determine the best path forward. This detailed map does not function as a simple Point A to Point B mechanism.

It offers insights

Insights, that when analyzed by our data scientists, can help companies navigate and plan a course of action that will ultimately affect their audience engagement, business planning, strategy, workflow processes, and client acquisition, as well as their ability to recognize potential obstacles and opportunities.

Go beyond ordinary big data analytics…

…by housing multiple engines within a lightning fast, easy to deploy framework to power sophisticated device market models.
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