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Recipients of 24×7’s e-newsletters are hungry for timely industry-specific information. Your advertising message will be in front of the most elite audience, a qualified group of professionals in healthcare technology management community who stay on top of their game!

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24x7's Weekly Jolt E-Newsletter

Every Tuesday, 24×7 delivers the latest articles to your inbox. We take an in-depth look at new products, repair tips, best practices, technology advancements and other timely articles specifically tailored to our audience.

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24x7's HTM Daily E-Newsletter

HTM Daily is a combination of curated news from around the web and time-sensitive product, research, and company news, these 5 to 7 news briefs give professionals the information they need to start each workday.

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The Top 10 Monthly E-Newsletter

Site analytics give us the capability to see our website’s 10 most popular stories in any given time frame. Monthly, we highlight these stories in a dedicated e-newsletter. You benefit from being associated with the best-received stories of the month. And since we already know these stories are popular, higher than normal open rates ensure greater visibility of your brand. Also, ask us about sponsoring The Top 10 Stories of the Year e-newsletter.

Sponsored Eblasts


Purchasing a sponsored eblast is the perfect way to get your message directly to industry professionals. Buy a sponsored 3rd party eblast to get an exclusive message without competing with other advertisers or, around major industry events, buy into a multi-sponsored eblast (such as to promote your tradeshow booths).

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Single Sponsor Blast

Drive traffic to a particular product or special offer by renting 24×7’s email list. You own the message and don’t share that e-mail with anyone else. Time it to meet your specific needs for product launches or special offers that have expiration dates.

Current List: 18,185 (3 month average)

*Available dates for sponsored blasts are limited. Production charge will vary based time needed to build. Contact us for a quote.

Multi-Sponsored Eblasts
24×7 sends out strategically timed multi-sponsored eblasts throughout the year, generally timed with tradeshows, product category growth, and time-sensitive critical industry topics. Be part of these high impact eblasts. Each allows you to craft a custom marketing message.

Advertisers will provide the following content.

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